Advice and Guidance

Advice and Guidance

The correct advice can save time and money in the management of trees. Any assessment must consider the trees structure, health, and the surrounding environment together with any proposed changes, present, and future. All of this information combined with an extensive knowledge of Arboriculture ensures the delivery of an informed assessment. At the heart of all our services is delivering this assessment at a level appropriate to our clients and imparting the knowledge we have gained.

This service is provided for our residential tree owners who require some guidance on tree management

  • If you have Council Protected Vegetation (VPO) and need to know what work can be carried out on the tree, this service is carried out prior to completing a report.
  • Questions on tree health or structure during a consultation can remove many concerns you may have about your trees and provide practical information on how to manage them.

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Since 2001 Arbor Australis Consulting has had a single overriding commitment underpinning every part of our business, to deliver informed, arboricultural advice to our clients to help them manage their trees or project successfully.

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