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Not all Tree Care Services are the same. Assessing trees, providing tree reports and implementing organic plant health care programs requires the skills of a qualified and experienced Arborist. The Arborist’s at Arbor Australis Consulting all have a minimum of level 5 AQF qualification and are committed to continuing education. It is likely that any Arboricultural assessment will include a combination of the individual services listed below. Contact us today to discuss your Arboricultural questions. We will tailor a fee proposal to meets the outcomes requirements of your project.

Arboricultural Advice and Consultancy provides up to date information to manage your trees. Correct advice will save you money in the long term. From individual residential tree issues to large scale management plans our services can be tailored to your requirements.

Plant Health Care: will assess tree and plant health with a holistic approach. Our programs can be tailored to suit every site achieving health sustainable growth.

Diagnostics: provides the backup scientific data when required to confirm observations made during assessments. From Plant health to structural integrity we provide accurate data to prove our assessment statements.

We deliver tree assessments for clients that range from State Government, Large Mining, Affiliated Professional Services and Domestic. It is our ability to adapt our delivery to suit everyone who has to mange trees. Call us now to find the professional difference.