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Tree Care, Tree Reports and Arboricultural Consultancy all require an up to date understanding of aboricultural science. To meet this need all our Arborists have minimum of Level 5 training as every assessment needs to be completed in a professional and methodical manner to ensure no detail is missed.

Arbor Australis Consulting ensures ever tree inspection is backed up with written confirmation of the inspection.  When you engage Arbor Australis Consulting your project and the delivery of services will be tailored to the project needs. It is likely that several of the following components will be included in our detailed fee proposal, as they often interconnect to achieve the desired outcome.

Advice and Guidance: General guidance on how to manage you trees health and structure. This is often used by our domestic clients to assess trees in their private gardens.

Tree Assessments:Individual detailed assessment of tree structure to provide an informed opinion. This service suits domestic, commercial and munipul clients.

Arboricultural Reports:Reports are tailored to thee clients requirements from a single VPO report to detailed assessment of tree health. This service can be utilised by all clients.

Development Reports:Reporting to address a specific information request or a detailed Tree Management Plan for all levels of developments.

 Risk Assessments:Forms part of each tree tree assessment and can be a specific focus of a report. All levels of client utilise this service.

 Data Collection:Collection of large quantities of tree data. This base data can be then utilised to manage tree risk or health. Often used by larger commercial and municipal clients.

Arboricultural Management Plants:From the data collected management plans can be developed to address a clients specific or group of requirements. Used by commercial clients

Work Prioritisation:Through risk ratting prioritisation of work can be applied to help manage budgets. Used by commercial clients

GPS and GIS Mapping of Tree Assets: The use of GPS and GIS allows the accurate presentation of tree locations, this improves the ability to manage the trees at a latter date. Used by commercial clients.

 Council Tree Protection Order Reports:Reporting to meet the requirement of council when applying to interfere with protected vegetation. Used by domestic and commercial clients

 Root Mapping: The location of roots through air spade of Ground Penetrating radar to accurately locate the presence of roots. Often conducted during development work.

 Diagnostic Assessments:The use of a variety of scientific tool to confirm tree structure or health, utilised by all clients as required.